Pawdy” The premium-grade dog food that developed with the invention of nutrition specialists, it’s abundant with essential nutrients and beneficial to the dog’s health. Including proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins in suitable proportions.

“Pawdy” is a dog food that meets dog health requirements, no long-term adverse effects to dogs; delicious and tasty. If you are the one who loves dogs and wants them to grow up healthy and stay with us for a long time, we recommend Pawdy is the best choice that is most suitable for your beloved dogs.

    Pawdy started with an ordinary person who loved dogs like a child. We always think that if we are going to raise a dog for just one life, we must be responsible for that little life as best we can. Because how a dog grows up and how healthy it is depends on the owner, who determines their health with the food that they eat every day.
      That is the origin of Dog Food “Pawdy” with the concept of “Dog food from the heart of a dog’s owner.” because we believe in being a dog owner. If we can, we will select the best for them, whether it is mattresses, appliances, clothes, hospitals, or most importantly, food. Because this is what they have to eat every day and affects their health for the rest of their lives.
    Pawdy therefore focuses on making dog food that starts with meat first. not using any raw materials that may cause an allergic risk or adversely affect health. Because if we don’t let our dog eat, we won’t let other dogs eat either. In addition, it also determines nutrients such as protein, fat, fiber, and moisture in the right amount, not too much and not too little in order to be sufficient for the body; that may become a health problem later. We believe that every dog owner has the same purpose to raise them to be happy, healthy, not sick, and live as long as they can. Because they are not just pets, but they are also our hearts that we will protect and take care of as best as we can.

The dog is hard to eat. Afraid the dog won't eat.

Pawdy focuses on developing a delicious aroma. by using real meat as the first priority in every formula. And make it easiest for dogs to eat, so they can feel the most delicious after chewing.We have some cute reviews of dogs. That when we just opened the bag, they would eat immediately. Click to view

Are they large pellets?

Pawdy has a suitable size of pellet, heart-shaped, easy-chewing. Not too small or too big. There are both puppies and adult dogs. Click to view 

My dog has a lot of tear stains, can it help?

Tear stains are caused by a dog eating food that contains low-quality protein or poultry by-product protein. which is a protein that is difficult to digest, including foods that contain chemical preservatives, causing the accumulation of poison. So they had to drive out through the tear stains. That’s why there are always tear stains.

Pawdy is a high-quality protein sourced from real meat. and no chemical preservatives, so there is no accumulation of toxins. Your dog’s tear stains can gradually decrease.

Dogs are very sensitive and shed a lot of hair. Can it help?

For sensitive dogs You can eat the smoked lamb flavour. Because this flavour is suitable for dogs with allergies. The main point is that lamb meat has protein that is easily digestible. It contains lecithin, which improves the efficiency of the digestive system. It’s good for dogs with food allergies. or have problems with the digestive system and intestines. And there is also fish oil with Omega 3, 6, and 9 that helps nourish the coat and skin as well. It will help reduce the dog’s hair loss.

Is it available in pet shop? / Where are they available?

Yes, besides being sold at Bangkhen Agricultural Animal Hospital, they are also available at Pet Shop. Click to find the pet shop.

Can an old dog eat? It’s already 11 years old

The senior dogs can eat Pawdy as well because it has complete nutrients. the right amount of protein, therefore helping to strengthen muscles in senior dogs. It also helps with the intestinal system and the excretory system. It is also a low-sodium formula good for the kidneys, so the senior dog can have good health. Longer life.

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